1876 G$1 NGC PF65+ Ultra Cameo

$20,500.00 USD

JD-1, Low R.7. The 1876 proof mintage numbered 45 pieces, a large improvement over 1874 and 1875 when only 20 proofs were reported for each of those years. Still, 1876 proofs are rare. Two die pairings are known, with the JD-1 variety accounting for 10 to 12 survivors and the JD-2 variety slightly more available (14 to 16 pieces known). The Bowers gold dollar reference suggests the increased proof mintage was due to the upcoming Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia, a concept that gains credence when the gold dollar proof mintage slipped back to 20 pieces in 1877. This richly contrasted, high-end Gem displays lovely orange-gold color throughout both sides. The strike is sharp, interrupted by a few wispy field hairlines of little importance and some tiny, shallow dimples on Liberty's frosted cheek.

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