Hard Asset Management, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of BMC Capital Inc., is one of the world’s premier firms that specializes in the full service management of hard assets for individuals and family offices around the world. Our philosophy is to make strategic recommendations on undervalued hard assets. We specialize in the acquisition of rare United States and World coins as well as all forms of precious metals. With nearly 40 years of combined experience, the principals and employees of Hard Asset Management have recorded nearly $500 million dollars in rare coin and precious metals purchases and re-sales around the world. They have been involved in many of the top transactions completed for historically important and ultra-rare hard assets. Hard Asset Management’s principals and employees are active auction participants and maintain strong relationships with the largest auction houses, professional rare coin dealers and a network of private clients around the world. In addition to Hard Asset Management’s available list of rare coins, Mr. Christian Briggs, CEO of Hard Asset Management, Inc., is proud to be a lifetime member of the American Numismatic Association and the Florida United Numismatists.

Just a few of the many acquisitions completed by the principals and employees of Hard Asset Management over the past 35 plus years include the 1927-D Saint Gaudens $20 graded MS-66, the unique 1891-0 Specimen Proof Liberty Dime and one of the finest-graded specimens of America's "most beautiful coin", the MCMVII (1907) Proof Ultra High Relief Saint-Gaudens double eagle.

Hard Asset Management Inc.’s principals and employees have decades of hard asset expertise and strategic global relationships. We sell, appraise, purchase, and render opinions/recommendations on all U.S., world rare coins and precious metals. With a team of highly knowledgeable professionals, we are dedicated to providing our clients with advise on all highest-quality rare, ultra-rare and historically important coins for long term appreciation.


Providing Knowledge

Hard Asset Management’s CEO, Mr. Christian Briggs, has been involved in the hard assets since 1987. In addition to holding executive positions in several prominent rare coin and precious metals companies, Mr. Briggs has turned his childhood passion into building one of the world's premier hard asset management firms – Hard Asset Management, Inc. With hours of video for you to access, you can learn how to start investing, gain information on types of coins, understand the growth in the coin market, and much more.


A Purchasing Resource

Our advisors work directly with you to discuss your personal investment objectives and assist in developing a strategy designed to provide the highest probability of success to reach your financial goals. We have active and passive approaches to this market that can be used in different manners based on your individual needs. You can use our inventory to start your investment journey today.