1860 Gold Dollar NGC PF65+ Cameo

$20,500.00 USD

Rare Antebellum Issue. Only 154 Minted!

Antebellum proof gold is one of the toughest areas in all of numismatics for collectors to obtain issues from. Mint records were sparsely kept, few proofs were minted at all, and even fewer survived America’s first great test during the Civil War.

This beautiful Cameo contrasted example will heighten its viewers senses, transporting them back to a tumultuous time to be an American citizen – with north against south and indeed brother sometimes against brother.

The tales that come from that War are obviously immense and not all can ever be told, but the few relics that remain are a tremendous source of pride for those that acquire them. If rarity and beauty are what you desire, look no further!

This is an incredible Gem that will be a highlight in any astute family for generations to come.

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