1843 Austria Gold Salvator Mundi 6 Ducats PCGS SP61 (With Original Box)

$39,000.00 USD


The Austria Gold Salvator Mundi 6 Ducats, graded as PCGS SP61, is a coin of significant historical and numismatic value. Minted in the late 16th and early 17th centuries under the Habsburg dynasty, these coins represent the wealth, political power, and cultural achievements of the era. The 6 Ducats denomination was substantial, often used in major transactions and symbolizing prestige.

The obverse features the image of Salvator Mundi, meaning "Savior of the World." Christ is depicted holding a globe in his left hand and raising his right hand in blessing, symbolizing his spiritual authority and protection over the world. The intricate details of this religious imagery highlight the high level of craftsmanship and devotion of the period.

The reverse side displays the coat of arms of the Habsburg dynasty or the issuing authority, with inscriptions denoting the coin’s denomination, date, and place of minting. The PCGS SP 61 grade indicates that the coin is in specimen condition, showcasing a mirrored finish and sharp details with minor imperfections. This grade preserves much of the coin’s original brilliance, making the Austria Gold Salvator Mundi 6 Ducats a prized piece for collectors and historians, reflecting its religious, artistic, and historical significance.

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