1702 France Gold Louis D'OR King Louis XIV NGC MS 63

$50,250.00 USD


The Louis D'OR was a gold coin that became a symbol of the power and stability of France during the reign of the Bourbon monarchs. The 1653 issue coincides with the reign of King Louis XIV, known as the 'Sun King', who led France through a period of unprecedented colonial expansion, cultural flourishing, and centralized power.

The obverse of the Louis D'OR features a portrait of the reigning monarch. For the 1653 Louis D'OR, this would be King Louis XIV. The specific design details can vary, but they often include the king's bust and inscriptions denoting his royal titles.

The reverse side bears the royal coat of arms or a florid royal emblem. For coins from this period, it might feature crowned monograms or a cross of fleurs-de-lis, which are symbols deeply associated with French royalty.

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