Gold 2 Escudos King Philip III/IV NGC MS 62

$16,875.00 USD

King Philip III (1598-1621) and King Philip IV (1621-1665) ruled during a period marked by significant political and economic changes in Spain. The Gold 2 Escudos, also known as "Doubloon," was widely circulated throughout the Spanish Empire, including its vast territories in the New World. These coins facilitated trade and commerce, symbolizing Spain's global economic influence during the 17th century.

Obverse Details

The obverse of the Gold 2 Escudos typically features a detailed portrait of the reigning monarch. Depending on the minting period, this could be either King Philip III or King Philip IV. The portrait is surrounded by inscriptions that include the monarch’s name and titles, often in Latin. This side of the coin underscores the royal authority and the continuity of the Spanish crown.

Reverse Details

The reverse side of the coin generally showcases the Spanish coat of arms, which includes the heraldic symbols of Castile and León—castles and lions—as well as other regions under Spanish rule. The shield is often surmounted by a crown, symbolizing the monarchy's sovereignty.