Elizabeth II gold Proof "Year of the Dragon" 100 Dollars (1 oz) 2012-P PR69

$2,940.00 USD


The Elizabeth II gold Proof "Year of the Dragon" 100 Dollars (1 oz) 2012-P PR69 coin is a distinguished and highly collectible piece. Struck in 2012, this coin commemorates the Chinese zodiac Year of the Dragon, an event celebrated for its cultural and astrological significance. The coin features a proof finish, ensuring a high level of detail and a mirror-like surface that enhances its aesthetic appeal.

The obverse of the coin showcases the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, signifying its authenticity and aligning with the tradition of featuring the reigning monarch on British and Commonwealth coinage. The reverse side of the coin depicts a dynamic and intricate design of a dragon, symbolizing strength, courage, and prosperity, all qualities associated with the Year of the Dragon.

Made from 1 ounce of pure gold, the coin has a denomination of 100 Dollars, reflecting its substantial value. The "2012-P" mintmark indicates it was produced at the Perth Mint, renowned for its high standards in minting quality and craftsmanship. The coin is graded PR69 by professional coin grading services, indicating it is nearly perfect with only minor imperfections that are not visible without magnification.

The 2012 Elizabeth II gold Proof "Year of the Dragon" 100 Dollars coin is especially valuable to collectors due to its limited mintage, high gold content, and exceptional proof quality. Its cultural significance, coupled with the prestige of being a Perth Mint product, makes it a prized addition to any collection. This coin not only represents a significant year in the Chinese zodiac but also exemplifies the fine artistry and tradition of modern coinage.