1971 Mint Error - Struck on Silver Planchet Dollar Elizabeth II PCGS PL64

$20,700.00 USD

Royal Canadian mint, cf. KM79 (a standard issue in nickel), DC-Unl. British Columbia issue. An Exceedingly rare strike on a silver planchet weighing 17gm. This is the sole representative that we have encountered, though we have heard of 2 other examples, neither of which we have seen nor verified in person. Although the offering has been designated as a Mint Error by PCGS, this is perhaps unlikely, as smaller silver planchets of this weight were not in use at the time at the Royal Canadian Mint, and the 32mm size is the same as the specification for the standard nickel issue. We feel this coin may have been intended as a special presentation piece since its perfectly positioned on the planchet. Lightly handled and reflective, with outstanding care in preservation that places the offering at the cusp of gem status, this intriguing extreme rarity should easily find itself targeted by Canadian specialist collectors or very astute investors.

This is an incredible opportunity for anybody to secure their place in numismatic history.

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