1912 $10 Indian NGC PF66

$167,500.00 USD

1912 was an eventful year in the United States. Woodrow Wilson was elected President. The Titanic sunk, and both New Mexico and Arizona were added as states.

This 1912 Proof $10 is from a mintage of just 83 coins. Its matte surfaces reveal thousands of tiny grains which all reflect light with their own individual brilliance to create a marvelous landscape. These coins are widely appreciated for their rarity and beauty and have tremendous potential future price appreciation.

This extraordinary PF66 is one of the finest money can buy and represents an outstanding condition to cost ratio with nearly imperceptible differences from the next grade up which would cost significantly more. A world class representative of this gorgeous masterpiece of American artistic expression. Among finest known!

Obverse: A left-facing bust of Liberty wearing an Indian feather headdress; 13 stars surmount the design.

Design Date: 1907

Design discontinued: 1933

Reverse: An eagle standing on a sheaf of arrows encircled by an olive branch. With "In God We Trust"

Design Date: 1908

Design discontinued: 1933