1910 Gold 5 Roubles NGC MS 66

$10,125.00 USD

The Russia Gold 5 Roubles, particularly those graded NGC MS 66, are a notable part of Russia's numismatic history, minted during the late 19th and early 20th centuries under the reign of Tsar Nicholas II. These coins reflect the grandeur and economic aspirations of the Russian Empire before the upheaval of the Russian Revolution.

The obverse of the Russia Gold 5 Roubles features a detailed portrait of Tsar Nicholas II, the last Emperor of Russia, highlighting his regal presence. The inscription surrounding his image states his title and role as the ruler of the Russian Empire. This depiction not only showcases the artistic excellence of the period but also serves as a reminder of the empire's historical significance.

On the reverse, the coin displays the Russian coat of arms, which includes the imperial double-headed eagle holding a scepter and orb, symbols of power and authority. The eagle is adorned with the imperial crown, and the denomination and year of minting are inscribed below. The reverse design emphasizes the might and legacy of the Russian Empire. Coins graded as NGC MS 66 are especially prized for their superior condition, with sharp details and exceptional luster, making them a valuable addition to any numismatic collection.