1893 G.B. 2 Sov NGC PF61CAM

The 1893 Great Britain 2 Sovereign coin is a significant and valuable piece due to its historical context and rarity. It was minted during the reign of Queen Victoria, a period known for its rich history and numismatic interest. This coin is a proof issue, indicating it was specially struck for collectors with a high level of detail and finish.

Graded PF61CAM by NGC, this coin is in proof condition with a cameo designation. The "PF61" grade signifies that it is a proof coin with moderate handling marks or hairlines, while the "CAM" (Cameo) designation indicates a contrast between the frosted design elements and the mirror-like fields, making it more visually appealing.

The obverse features the "Old Head" portrait of Queen Victoria, and the reverse showcases a detailed rendition of St. George slaying the dragon, a classic design by Benedetto Pistrucci. The 2 Sovereign denomination adds to its uniqueness, as it is less commonly encountered compared to the standard Sovereign.

Given its proof status, historical significance, and the cameo contrast, the 1893 Great Britain 2 Sovereign PF61CAM is a prized piece for collectors. Its condition and eye appeal contribute to its value, making it a sought-after coin in the numismatic market.