1888 Meiji copper-nickel Specimen Pattern 5 Sen Year 21 PCGS SP63

$35,400.00 USD

Osaka mint, KM-Pn28, J&V-Unl., JNDA-Unl., JC-Unl., Munro-pg. 213, Fig. 28, Vermeule, "Japanese Coins in the British Museum (Part I)" (The Numismatic Chronicle and Journal of the Royal Numismatic Society, Vol. 14, No. 44, 1954), Unl., Vermeule, "Modern Japanese and Chinese Patterns in the British Museum (Part II)" (The Numismatic Chronicle and Journal of the Royal Numismatic Society, Vol. 15, No. 45, 1955), Unl. A considerable rarity among Japanese numismatics, where most Meiji-era Patterns remain highly elusive even to the most advanced collectors. Yet, here we present two within this very sale, the current offering of a mid-reign issue that was ultimately adopted for circulation the following year. A clear deviation in style from its predecessor, abandoning the iconic dragon motif for the auspicious symbol of the chrysanthemum, representing not only the imperial seal of Japan, but longevity, rejuvenation, and nobility. A firm and precise strike yields a nearly full expression of the devices throughout, rendering the fields nearly glasslike yet still imbued with thick satin sheen when tilted at every angle. Steely appearances abound, lending to a most appreciable aesthetic caliber likely not to be seen again for years to come. We note that they only other example of this rare Pattern to come to market in recent decades, and the only other certified piece, was the Norman Jacob specimen we offered in 2011, a full two-points lower, making this a singular opportunity to own the absolute finest you're likely to encounter, and wholly deserving of placement in the most advanced specialist's cabinet.

Metal: AE
Diameter: 20mm