1884 Gold Dollar NGC PF68 Cameo

$52,000.00 USD

It was May 1st 1884. The day the “8 hour workday” was enacted and changed the way Americans work for good. America was in a gilded age of sorts. Thirty years removed from the Civil War the entire nation was living in relative economic prosperity.

1884 was also an election year, seeing Grover Cleveland of New York defeat Republican James Blaine of Maine to take the Presidency.

This beautiful 1884 Gold Dollar was struck to the tune of just 1,006 pieces. Of that number, only around 150 exist in all grades today and while that is somewhat plentiful in lower grades, it puts pressure on higher grades to locate by the collectors that own them – and additional pressure is placed on the date by those clamoring to acquire only the very best.

Finding any instance of a Proof 68 Gold Dollar is a rare event, let alone with exquisite Cameo contrast! Technically speaking this is one of the finest grades you could ever hope to acquire, as not a single pre 1933 coin has ever achieved a finer grade than MS or PR69!

For the money, any other denomination would cost you considerably more! If this were a $20 for instance you’d be looking at a probable $2mn coin! Gold Dollars represent a phenomenal market opportunity in this grade, but examples are seldom ever made available like this one!

Collectors Universe: 57,500