1867 $10 Liberty Head NGC PF64 Ultra Cameo

$126,000.00 USD


Proof gold represents the best of the best of the U.S. Mint and has been experiencing a meteoric rise to the top over the years as collectors all over the globe flock to any issues they can get. Counter to the cliché that “size doesn’t matter,” it does when it comes to rare coins! More surface area gives the viewer more to look at, thus Eagles are often worth more than Half Eagles and so on. There are obvious exceptions to this rule, but size definitely plays a role in value.

 An 1869 $10 in PR64 DCAM sold earlier this year for $180,000. It is of the same relative rarity as an 1867 – making this opportunity absolutely extraordinary for the connoisseur. The quality of this coin is magnificent, exhibiting unbelievable contrast between the devices and fields and no detractions for the grade.

 Struck in the Reconstruction era just after the Civil War, few were actually saved from circulation or the smelter and only about 9 or 10 examples remain in any condition for collectors to try and acquire today.

 A phenomenal opportunity to acquire this beautiful example while it lasts.

 Tied for Finest Known as an Ultra Cameo!

PCGS Pop: 1/0  NGC Pop: 2/0