1864-P $20 NGC PF64 Cameo

$438,000.00 USD

Although the proofs are immeasurably rarer, even the business strike 1864 double eagles are seldom seen; formerly they were quite rare, until the recovery of the S.S. Republic coins. As a Gem Ultra Cameo proof example of the Type One double eagle, the present coin is of immense historic and numismatic appeal. The original mintage figure of 50 coins is meaningless today, as likely only 12 to 15 specimens survive--a total that includes at least three presumably off the market forever, two in the Smithsonian and one in the American Numismatic Society holdings. The Walter Breen Proof Encyclopedia calls the 1864 double eagle the "rarest gold denomination" of the year. The proof sets of 1864--some of them, anyway--contained several rare first-year issues, including the Large Motto (but probably not the Small Motto) proof two cent piece and the bronze no L and copper-nickel 1864 Indian cents. 

Proof, Cameo. Civil War Date. Only 50 Minted! With other Civil War Proofs selling for as much as $1.8mn this is an easy buy!