1861 $1 Cameo NGC PF66 Cameo

$37,500.00 USD


While the Mint produced 349 Proof Gold Dollars for 1861, the vast majority of them were melted in 1862 and only about 35 or so are known to exist in all grades today.

 The astute collector knows not to look at just the Red Book mintage figures, but to take a closer look at the actual rarity of incredible coins when they’re presented.

 This gorgeous PF66 Cameo example is at the top of its class for survivors. Civil War coinage has long been popular, but other denominations have seen runaway prices in recent years – making them prohibitive for even the most resourced collectors to acquire.

 While Gold Dollars are indeed small, they pack a powerful punch in today’s market for rarity and price-point. This spectacular 1861 should fit the bill for any extraordinary collection.

 Collectors Universe: 46,500