1859 U.S. 4 coin Liberty Proof Gold Set

$2,050,000.00 USD

1859 $2.50 Liberty Head NGC PF65 Cameo - 6618000-001:

Apparently all 1859 Proof Quarter Eagles were of the old style, although Walter Breen, in his Proof Encyclopedia, incorrectly identified these as having the new reverse hub. He had corrected his mistake by the time his Complete Encyclopedia was published 11 years later. In the Pittman Collection catalog, David Akers reported a single Proof from the New Hub, part of the Byron Reed Collection. He continued to suggest that 10 to 12 Proof examples of this date survive. Earlier estimates by Walter Breen and others placed the total number of survivors at seven or eight coins. Plate matching from earlier catalogs is nearly an impossible task, especially when it comes to Proof gold coins. We believe that the actual population of 1859 Proof Quarter Eagles is nine or ten coins.

1859 $5 Liberty Head NGC PF65 Ultra Cameo - 6618000-002

1859 $10 Liberty Head NGC PF64 Ultra Cameo - 6618000-003

1859 $20 Liberty Head NGC PF63 Ultra Cameo - 6618000-004:

A fledgling community of numismatists in this country prompted the United States Mint in Philadelphia to commence issuing proof gold coinage on a limited basis in the years just prior to the Civil War. The number of proof Double Eagles recorded as being produced in 1859 (a mere 80 pieces) no doubt proved to too many, as only a handful of recognizable proofs survive today.