1859 $3 Gold PCGS PR63 Deep Cameo

$95,000.00 USD


The Calm Before the Storm…

Only 80 Minted and Fewer than 10 Known!

With John Brown’s body hanging lifeless from a noose the faint drumbeat of a great war could be heard in the distance…

It was the calm before the storm. After the raid on the Federal Armory at Harper’s Ferry in late 1859, President James Buchanan recused the federal government from trying Brown and handed him over to the Commonwealth of Virginia. From there his fate was sealed and a glimmer of hope for the abolitionist cause seemed closed.

It is well established that Proof Gold dated prior to the Civil War is exceptionally rare. With only 80 Minted one would surmise that the 1859 Proof $3 is already a very rare coin, but these pre Civil War mintage figures – where they exist at all, are misleading on the surface. In fact, it is believed that no more than 10 examples of this coin exist in any condition today.

This beautiful PR63 Deep Cameo contrasted example has all the eye appeal one would demand of a coin of this status. Its story and rarity will make it a hallmark addition to any world class collection and we’re proud to present it at just: