1858 US Indian Princess Head $3 PCGS PF65CAM "CAC"

$160,000.00 USD


The 1858 $3 PCGS PF65CAM is a significant and rare piece of U.S. numismatic history. This $3 gold coin, graded PF65CAM by the Professional Coin Grading Service, indicates it is in gem proof condition with a cameo contrast, featuring frosted design elements and a mirrored background.

Designed by James B. Longacre, the coin's obverse shows Lady Liberty wearing a Native American headdress, while the reverse features a wreath of corn, cotton, maple leaves, and tobacco surrounding the denomination and date. The $3 denomination was introduced in 1854 to facilitate the purchase of postage stamps and streamline transactions.

Proof coins from 1858 are extremely rare, with an estimated mintage of around 20 coins, making them highly valuable to collectors. The PF65 grade signifies excellent preservation with minor imperfections, and the cameo contrast enhances its visual appeal.

In conclusion, the 1858 $3 PCGS PF65CAM is a rare and valuable artifact, reflecting mid-19th-century American coinage and economic history, making it a prized addition to any numismatic collection.