1856 Indian Princess Head $3 NGC PF63 Ultra Cameo

$236,250.00 USD

1856 $3 PF63 Ultra Cameo NGC. 

1856 represents a pivotal moment in the American experiment. War was essentially already breaking out in Kansas, leading to President Franklin Pearce declaring the new Free State Topeka government to be in rebellion. “Bleeding Kansas” was a long, protracted battle that pro-slavery forces would ultimately win, further deepening the strife on both sides of the argument. Full-fledged war would break out just two years later. The $3 gold piece was still relatively new in 1856. Having been introduced in 1854, it’s likely many people by 1856 hadn’t even seen one yet as they were meant to facilitate the purchase of rolls of postage stamps. Very few collectors participated in this era. It was a time of internal strife and turmoil, thus only 5 or 6 Proofs were produced by most experts’ best guess. This gorgeous PF63 Ultra Cameo is an extraordinary example to tuck away. In the future it’ll be opportunities like this you’ll wish you had reacted on. A phenomenal ultra rarity at a price nowhere near commensurate with its status. This NGC Finest Known 1856 three-dollar gold has sharp design elements that complement its shimmering tangerine-gold luster. Deep Cameo contrasts with the most gorgeous watery fields with an overall stunning eye appeal. Only 5 examples have been confirmed, making this date one of the rarest 3 Dollar Indians in existence. Population: 1 in 63, 0 finer. Exceedingly Rare!