1849 Mexico Gold Escudo, Guadalajara Mint PCGS MS61

$5,250.00 USD


The 1849 Mexico Gold Escudo from the Guadalajara Mint is a highly valuable and sought-after collectible, especially noted for being the finest known example. This coin represents an important piece of Mexico's numismatic history and is highly prized for its rarity, historical significance, and precious metal content. The Gold Escudo series was part of the coinage system in Mexico during the 19th century, reflecting the country's rich colonial heritage and economic developments.

This specific 1849 Escudo was minted in Guadalajara, one of Mexico's prominent mints, which adds to its historical and regional significance. The Guadalajara Mint was known for producing coins that circulated widely throughout Mexico and beyond, making its products important artifacts of trade and economy during that era. The coin is composed of gold, adhering to the standard fineness and specifications of the period, which typically involved a high gold content, although exact specifications can vary by year and mint.

The obverse of the coin typically features a portrait of the ruling monarch at the time, which in 1849 would be a depiction related to the period's political authority. The reverse usually displays the national coat of arms, featuring an eagle perched on a cactus with a snake in its beak, symbolizing Mexican sovereignty and identity.

Being labeled "The Finest Known" implies that this particular coin has been graded and authenticated by a reputable coin grading service, likely receiving the highest grade ever assigned to an 1849 Guadalajara Mint Gold Escudo. This means the coin is in exceptional condition, exhibiting minimal wear and maintaining its original luster and detail to a remarkable degree. Such a designation significantly enhances its value, making it a centerpiece for any high-end numismatic collection.

The market value of this coin is influenced by its rarity, condition, historical significance, and demand among collectors. Coins in such pristine condition often command a premium price, potentially reaching into the tens of thousands of dollars at auctions or private sales. As always, potential buyers should ensure authenticity by purchasing from reputable dealers or auction houses and verifying the coin's certification.

In summary, the 1849 Mexico Gold Escudo from the Guadalajara Mint, recognized as the finest known example, is a highly significant and valuable piece of Mexican numismatic history. Its exceptional condition, historical context, and rarity make it a highly coveted item among collectors, reflecting Mexico's rich heritage and the artistry of its 19th-century coinage.