1849 - 1857 Costa Rica Gold 1/2 Escudo, T6 Counterstamp on C.A.R. 1/2E

$3,082.80 USD

The 1849-1857 Costa Rica Gold 1/2 Escudo with the T6 counterstamp on a C.A.R. 1/2 Escudo represents a fascinating intersection of history, numismatics, and regional economic transitions. Originally part of the broader currency system of the Central American Republic (C.A.R.), Costa Rica's adoption of the T6 counterstamp reflects the intricate evolution of monetary practices during that era. This counterstamp served as a validation of the coin's continued circulation within Costa Rica's borders after the dissolution of the Central American Republic, underscoring the country's developing economic independence.

These coins, especially those bearing counterstamps, are prized by collectors for their rarity and historical significance. The T6 counterstamp adds an extra layer of intrigue and authenticity to the coin, making it a sought-after piece in numismatic circles. Beyond its monetary value, this coin offers a tangible link to Costa Rica's past and the broader historical narratives of Central America's economic and political transformations during the mid-19th century.

Due to their rarity and the historical context they represent, Costa Rica Gold 1/2 Escudos with the T6 counterstamp command considerable attention in the numismatic market. Collectors often place a premium on such coins, recognizing not just their intrinsic value but also their role as artifacts of a bygone era. It's essential for collectors and enthusiasts to authenticate and preserve these coins meticulously to ensure their historical and numismatic legacy endures for future generations.