1843 (Post-1843) Austria Gold Ferdinand I "Salvator Mundi" 6 Ducats NGC PF 62

$48,240.00 USD


The Austria Gold Salvator Mundi 6 Ducats, graded as NGC PF 62, is a coin of exceptional historical and numismatic value. These coins were minted in the late 16th and early 17th centuries during the reign of the Habsburg dynasty, a period marked by political power and cultural flourish in Europe. The 6 Ducats denomination was significant, often used for large transactions and as a symbol of wealth and prestige.

The obverse of the Austria Gold Salvator Mundi 6 Ducats typically features the image of Salvator Mundi, which translates to "Savior of the World." This depiction shows Christ holding a globe in one hand and giving a blessing with the other, symbolizing his role as the ruler and protector of the world. The intricate details of this religious imagery reflect the high level of artistry and the religious devotion of the period.

On the reverse side, the coin usually displays the coat of arms of the Habsburg dynasty or the issuing authority, surrounded by inscriptions that denote the coin’s denomination, date, and place of minting. These elements underscore the political power and territorial extent of the Habsburgs during their reign. 

The NGC PF 62 (Proof) grade indicates that the coin is in proof condition, with a mirrored finish and sharp details, though with minor imperfections. This grade reflects the coin’s well-preserved state, maintaining its historical and aesthetic appeal. The Austria Gold Salvator Mundi 6 Ducats is a prized piece for collectors and historians, representing a blend of religious significance, artistic excellence, and imperial power.