1839 Great Britain Victoria gold Proof "Una and the Lion" 5 Pounds NGC PR64 Ultra Cameo

$630,000.00 USD

Great Britain W&R-279, Marsh-F26. DIRIGE legend, medal alignment. Small lettered edge, front fillet with 5 scrolls, rear with 9 leaves. By William Wyon. A rich offering that remains among the most collected types across all of numismatics in the world, and whose modern strikings garner significant premium due in part to the sheer beauty of their original design. The depth of the watery fields is simply mind-blowing. With the deepest cameo contrast against incredible watery fields that tighten the overall eye appeal to a new high. Showcasing a lavishly and carefully struck portrait of the young monarch for her delayed coronation Proof set and its now iconic allegorical scene inspired by Edmund Spencer's "The Faerie Queen," with Victoria as Una guiding the lion (Britain). Laden with blushes of apricot and honey that punctuate the profile bust of Wyon's expertise, one cannot help but appreciate every strand of hair or headband scroll and leaf as was initially intended. Despite the occasional mark, notably on Victoria's neck, the piece persists with outstanding visual and conditional character.
Although Wilson and Rasmussen note a total of 9 varieties for the issue, ranging in rarity from R2 to R7, these are essentially irrelevant given the desirability of the design on the whole, this confirmed by the skyrocketing auction results for the type in recent years--a PR64 Deep Cameo realizing $690,000 in January 2020 Auction, and a PR66 Ultra Cameo 984,000 Euros in October of the same year ($1.148 million at the time). Then of course the NGC PR-66 "Star" Ultra-Cameo sold for $1.44m in the August 2021 World Coin auction. This is the single finest and a world record price for any Una and The Loin. Only two representatives for this W&R reference, of which there are 38, find themselves finer according to the NGC's census and are destined for a top spot after any collection. Extremely Rare!