1836SO IJ Chile 8E Decree of 1836 NGC MS60

$17,760.00 USD


The 1836 SO IJ Chile 8 Escudos is a notable gold coin minted in Santiago, Chile, under the "Decree of 1836." This decree was part of a broader initiative to standardize the coinage in Chile during the early years of its republic. The coin contains approximately 0.7596 troy ounces of gold and features significant national symbols that reflect Chile's nascent independence and republican values.

Design and Symbolism
Obverse: The obverse side of the coin depicts a hand resting on a book, symbolizing the constitution, with a radiant sun above. This imagery represents enlightenment and the establishment of constitutional order.
Reverse: The reverse features the coat of arms of Chile, showcasing a shield supported by a huemul (a native deer) and a condor, symbolizing the strength and freedom of the nation.
Historical Context
The coin was struck following the Decree of 1836, a period when Chile was consolidating its independence, which had been declared in 1818. The decree aimed to reform the monetary system and improve the economic stability of the newly independent country. These coins were overstruck on earlier Chilean 8 Escudos from 1818 to 1834, which often left traces of the earlier designs visible beneath the newer strike​.