1833 U.S. $5 Capped Bust Large Date Cameo NGC PF63

$3,225,000.00 USD

The 1833 U.S. $5 Capped Bust Large Date Cameo is a numismatic item, specifically a gold coin, that was minted in the United States in 1833. It is referred to as a "Capped Bust" coin due to the depiction of Liberty wearing a cap on the obverse side.

The Philadelphia Mint struck only 399,013 half eagles of this type between 1807 and 1812, and many were melted in later years, suffering the same fate as most U.S. gold minted before 1834. Possibly 1% of the mintage survived, mostly as curiosities, along with a few examples saved by early numismatic pioneers.

Denomination: The coin has a face value of $5, which was the standard denomination for gold coins at that time.

This coin has a population of 1 coin at this grade level with 0 graded higher.

Additional Rarity: An 1829 $5 Large Diameter, Large Date, BD-1, R.7, PR66+ PCGS. JD-1, R.8 as a Proof sold on May 4, 2023 for $2,880,000