1832 France Gold Piefort 5 Franc Henri V NGC PF 64 UCAM

$268,000.00 USD


The France Gold Piefort 5 Franc Henri V, graded as NGC PF 64 UCAM, is a coin of exceptional historical and numismatic value. Piefort coins, typically thicker and heavier than standard issues, were often struck as presentation pieces or for special occasions, making them highly prized by collectors. This particular coin, featuring Henri V, connects to a brief and complex period in French history known as the Bourbon Restoration.

The obverse of the France Gold Piefort 5 Franc Henri V usually features a detailed portrait of Henri V, capturing the artistic standards and craftsmanship of the era. The portrait is often surrounded by inscriptions denoting his title and the period of his claim to the throne. Henri V, also known as the Count of Chambord, was a pretender to the French throne and the last direct Bourbon heir.

The reverse side typically displays the denomination and national symbols, such as the French coat of arms or other heraldic designs, reflecting the royalist aspirations and historical context of the coin. The NGC PF 64 UCAM (Ultra Cameo) grade signifies that the coin is in proof condition with a deeply mirrored field and frosted design elements, highlighting the intricate details and preserving its original luster. This high grade, along with the coin's historical significance and rarity as a piefort, makes it a highly desirable piece for collectors and investors alike.