1831 William IV Gold Proof 1/2 Sovereign NGC PR63 Cameo

$14,050.00 USD

KM716, S-3830, W&R-267 (R3). Plain edge. Choice and displaying a gorgeous veritable bloom of golden frost over the devices, lending a sharp contrast against the fields, one that seems to be kept from a full "Ultra Cameo" designation only by the faintest presence of hairlines therein. This satiny quality extends even to the rims, which accordingly provide a bold visual frame for the central expanses. This gold Proof produced as part of the 1831 set heralding the coronation of William IV, younger brother of George IV and third son of George III. Both the likeness of the 'Sailor King' (so-called as a result of his Naval career). A very RARE opportunity to acquire a gorgeous and RARE proof 1/2 Sovereign.