1827 Ludwig I "Customs Treaty" Taler NGC MS67

$6,600.00 USD

KM731, Dav-559, AKS-116, Thun-52

Munich mint. Commemorating the signing of the customs treaty between Bavaria and Württemberg. A coin for which it will hardly come as an overstatement to say that it is almost impossible to imagine that a finer example exists. Indeed, if not for the coin's subtle gorgeous cabinet patina, it likely very closely resembles how it first left the mint. In-hand inspection from all angles reveals an utter paucity of stray marks, the fields instead appearing mildly glassy. For the connoisseur tired of the typically handled quality of Ludwig's vast commemorative series, a breath of fresh air in its finest sense, and the ideal type representative. Currently at time of this writing this incredibly gorgeous piece is the only one certified in MS-67 at NGC with 0 finer and NON have been graded in MS-67 at PCGS.