1825 Great Britain Gold Sovereign NGC MS 61

$5,333.00 USD

The Great Britain Gold Sovereign, graded as NGC MS 61, is a coin of significant historical and numismatic value. Minted by the Royal Mint, Gold Sovereigns have been produced for over 200 years and are known for their high gold content and detailed designs. These coins have served as both currency and a symbol of British economic power and stability.

The obverse of the Gold Sovereign typically features a portrait of the reigning British monarch at the time of minting. For 19th and 20th-century sovereigns, this could be Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, or other subsequent monarchs, each depicted with intricate detail and surrounded by inscriptions of their titles. These portraits are renowned for their artistry and craftsmanship.

The reverse side usually displays the iconic design of Saint George slaying the dragon, created by Benedetto Pistrucci. This design symbolizes bravery and strength and has become one of the most recognized images on British coinage. The reverse includes inscriptions indicating the denomination and year of minting. The NGC MS 61 (Mint State) grade indicates that the coin is in uncirculated condition, with only minor imperfections visible. This grade preserves much of the coin’s original luster and detail, making the Gold Sovereign a highly desirable piece for collectors and investors, reflecting its enduring historical and monetary significance.