1821 George IV Gold Proof Sovereign NGC PF64 Ultra Cameo

$58,450.00 USD

KM682, S-3800, W&R-231 (R3). Startlingly bright mirror fields backlight the king's luxuriously frosted portrait, scarcely a hairline or blemish to detract from the high visual appeal; the highest denomination inclusion in George IV's inaugural coronation Proof set,nfor which mintage figures are not known but are unanimously considered to be extremely limited. Almost no original and complete sets are known to exist today. Accordingly, all 1821 Proofs are rare and ever-popular, especially the Sovereign represented here in lofty near-gem grade. Its fields are flashy yellow-white mirrors with only minor contact marks, backlighting the frosty depictions of George IV's first laureate portrait and St. George and dragon with almost no breaks to their matte coat. Rarely if ever offered in this lofty near-gem grade, one of the most popular 19th-century Sovereigns and always highly coveted by collectors of this series.

Ex. Cheshire Collection.