1819 Switzerland Gold Ducat, Zurich, X#M2. Tied for Finest Known!

$5,138.40 USD

The 1819 Switzerland Gold Ducat from Zurich, catalogued as X#M2, is a coin of considerable historical and numismatic importance. Originating in the early 19th century, this coin represents a period of significant political and social change in Europe. Zurich, one of the prominent Swiss cantons, had the autonomy to mint its own coins, reflecting its economic stability and political significance within the Swiss Confederation.

The coin's design typically features intricate imagery on both sides. The obverse often depicts a personification of Zurich or an emblematic figure, while the reverse side usually displays the denomination, date, and heraldic symbols like the city's coat of arms. Made of high-purity gold, usually around 98.6% (23.68 karats), these ducats are valuable not only for their historical significance but also for their precious metal content.

Numismatically, this particular coin is noted for being "Tied for Finest Known," indicating it is one of the best-preserved examples. This level of preservation makes it highly sought after by collectors. The X#M2 cataloguing is crucial for proper identification and valuation within numismatic references. Such coins in exceptional condition can command high prices at auctions and among private collectors, influenced by their historical context, gold content, and rarity.

The 1819 Gold Ducat is a testament to Zurich's rich cultural and economic history, serving as more than just currency. It reflects the city's wealth and stability, often used in significant transactions and as reserves by wealthy individuals and institutions. This coin offers a glimpse into the economic practices and cultural heritage of early 19th century Zurich, making it a prized piece for both collectors and historians.