1817-Dated Louis XVIII platinum "Henry IV Statue Restored" Medal NGC MS65

$68,580.00 USD

Louis XVIII platinum "Henry IV Statue Restored" Medal 1817-Dated MS65 NGC, Br-1793. 50mm. 151.7gm. By Andrieu. A simply astounding piece of not only exonumia, but of metallurgical history when considering the age and composition of the piece at hand. While a relatively common Medal in silver and bronze, struck in celebration of the restored statue of Henry IV, encountering this seemingly unique emission in platinum is undeniably exciting. Long considered a byproduct in the processing of gold ore, the widespread use of platinum in any industry didn't take hold until much later, with Russia's experimentation as a store of value occurring a decade later in their famous multiple-Rouble series. Wholly appreciable appearances benefitting from an exacting strike, revealing reliefs with surprising depth and unnaturally crisp details, coupled with its level of preservation, will certainly propel the piece at hand to only the most advanced of French cabinets.