1810 Netherland Gold Ducat NGC MS 63*

$8,033.00 USD

The Netherlands Gold Ducat, graded as NGC MS 63*, is a coin of notable historical and numismatic significance. The Ducat has a rich tradition dating back centuries, serving as a prominent trade coin in Europe and reflecting the economic influence of the Dutch Republic during its Golden Age.

The obverse typically features a portrayal of Saint George slaying the dragon, a design symbolizing courage and victory over evil. This iconic image is surrounded by inscriptions indicating the denomination and often includes the mint mark and year of minting. The detailed craftsmanship and artistic merit of these coins underscore the cultural and economic prominence of the Netherlands during this period.

On the reverse side, the Ducat commonly displays the Dutch coat of arms, featuring a crowned lion holding a sword and a bundle of seven arrows, representing the unity of the seven provinces of the Dutch Republic. This side also bears inscriptions denoting the issuing authority and additional decorative elements.

The NGC MS 63* (Mint State) grade signifies that the coin is in uncirculated condition with above-average quality, often indicating exceptional strike and surface quality beyond the typical MS 63 grade. This high grade enhances the coin's desirability among collectors and investors, showcasing its historical significance and numismatic beauty.