1800 Gold Medal Washington Funeral NGC MS62

$146,500.00 USD

It was a cold mid-December day in the last year of the 18th century (1799) when the nation’s beloved founding father George Washington closed his eyes for the last time. As he laid on his bed he knew the fate that awaited him, but a man of country and faith never forgets the soil upon which his soul was born. A man of his nation to his dying breath who gave his life for all to have freedom and liberties like never in history before. No other country has ever offered government for the people by the people.

An ominous black cloud swept across the nation in rapid succession as quickly as the news of our founders death could be spread. The country quite literally came to a halt to mourn the passing of its father.

Designed by Jacob Perkins of the Massachusetts Mint, this remarkable GW-75 Gold Funeral Medal, which is presumably semi-unique in this variety, it is one of the single most spectacular and incredibly important rarities we have handled. Other varieties exist, but even then fewer than 12 examples exist in total. MOST of those exhibit holes, as designed to be fashioned around the necks of mourners during the parades celebrating his life after death. Even the ones with holes are usually bent or otherwise damaged, leaving the actual certified/graded population at probably no more than 2 coins that we’re even aware of in the Oval form.

As he passed to the ages, mourners across the country searched for ways to admire the man who brought them their freedom and principals. Perkins is one of the most important engravers of the 18th century, having made many legendary issues from the Massachusetts Cent to the “Perkins” Cent of his own name to of course the ever-important Washington Funeral Medals. This is an example that ought to be inside a world class collection or a Museum. An example that will continue to rise in value with its prestige, notoriety and incredible numismatic important and is arguably priceless. An example which knows no horizon and no parallel. A phenomenal survivor that will be the talking point of the most extraordinary world class collection for not only your generation, but future generations to come.