1800 Gold Ducat NGC AU 53

$2,059.00 USD

The Netherlands Gold Ducat, graded NGC AU 53, holds significant historical and numismatic importance, having been minted continuously since 1586. This enduring coin features distinct designs on both its obverse and reverse sides.

On the obverse, the coin portrays a standing, armored knight holding a bundle of arrows, with the date divided on either side. Surrounding this imagery is the legend "CONCORDIA RES PARVAE CRESCUNT," which translates to "Unity makes small things grow." This design has remained unchanged for over 400 years, symbolizing the unity and strength of the Dutch provinces.

The reverse of the Netherlands Gold Ducat is adorned with an inscription within an ornate tablet. This inscription reads "MO. ORD. PROVIN. FOEDER. BELG. AD LEG. IMP," which signifies "A coin of the provinces of the United Netherlands according to the law of the Empire." This inscription underscores the coin's legal status and its role in facilitating international trade during its era.

Originally minted in 1586 by various provincial mints in the Low Countries, the Netherlands Gold Ducat replaced earlier Hungarian-style ducats. Its standardization as a gold coin was crucial for Dutch international trade, offering a more practical medium of exchange compared to larger silver coins of similar value. This widespread acceptance and reliability contributed significantly to the coin's longevity and enduring appeal among collectors and historians alike.