1797 King George III Half Guinea NGC MS 64

$7,763.00 USD

The Great Britain King George III Half Guinea, graded NGC MS 64, is a prestigious and historically significant coin. On the obverse, it features the right-facing bust of King George III, surrounded by a Latin inscription "GEORGIVS III DEI GRATIA," indicating "George III, by the grace of God." This design reflects the era's artistic style and the monarch's authority.

On the reverse, the coin displays a crowned shield with the coat of arms of the United Kingdom. The shield is quartered to represent England, Scotland, and Ireland, with the Hanoverian coat of arms in the center. Surrounding the shield is a Latin inscription "M.B.F. ET H.REX F.D. B. ET L.D.S.R.I.A.T. ET E.," indicating King of Great Britain, Defender of the Faith, King of France and Ireland, Duke of Brunswick and Lüneburg, Elector of Hanover, emphasizing King George III's titles and realms.

During this period, the Half Guinea was a standard gold coin in Britain, valued at 10 shillings and 6 pence. Minted at the Royal Mint in London, these coins played a crucial role in both domestic commerce and international trade, reflecting Britain's economic strength and global influence during the Georgian era