1792 Mexico Gold 8 Escudos, Mexico City Mint

$3,540.00 USD

The 8 Escudos coin, also known as the "Onza," was a large gold coin used throughout the Spanish Empire. The Mexico City Mint, established in 1535, was the first mint in the Americas and played a key role in producing coins that facilitated global trade during the colonial period.

The 1792 issue falls under the reign of King Charles IV of Spain. These coins were crucial in international trade, especially at a time when Spain's colonies in the Americas were rich sources of gold and silver.

 On the obverse of the coin, one would likely find the bust of King Charles IV of Spain, adorned with regal attire and possibly wearing a laurel wreath or crown, symbolizing the authority of the Spanish monarchy over the colony. This portrayal would serve to legitimize the coin and reinforce its value within the colonial economy.

The reverse side would likely feature the iconic imagery of the Spanish coat of arms, symbolizing Mexico's status as a colonial possession and its ties to the broader Spanish Empire. The coat of arms typically includes the Pillars of Hercules with a crown above them, flanked by two columns and surmounted by the imperial crown.