1788MO FM Mexico Gold Escudo NGC AU50

$2,000.00 USD


The 1788 Mexico Gold Escudo minted at the Mexico City Mint holds significant historical and numismatic importance. As part of the colonial Spanish monetary system, the Escudo was a standard unit of currency used in Mexico and other Spanish colonies during the 18th century. Minted in 1788, this coin reflects Mexico's role as a major source of gold for the Spanish Empire and underscores the region's economic significance within the colonial framework.

On the obverse side of the coin, one typically finds a portrayal of the Spanish monarch, King Charles III or Charles IV, depending on the year of minting. The king's effigy is surrounded by inscriptions denoting his title and royal authority. This depiction serves as a symbol of Spanish colonial rule and sovereignty over Mexico and its territories.

Flipping the coin reveals its reverse side, which often features the Spanish coat of arms, consisting of various heraldic elements such as the shield with the castles and lions representing the kingdoms of Castile and Leon, the pomegranate representing Granada, and the fleur-de-lis representing the Bourbon lineage. This emblematic design symbolizes Spain's imperial power and dominion over its overseas territories, including Mexico.