1780 Ephraim Brasher-Counterstamped/Regulated 4-2/3 Dollars ND PCGS VF25

$150,000.00 USD

cf. Wood, "The Coinage of the West Indies and the Sou Marqué," Displaying a round counterstamp with Ephraim Brasher's EB mark on an unplugged and lightly clipped George II Guinea 1760 from Great Britain. This is an incredible opportunity for any astute investor to add to their collection.

Undoubtedly the most famous of all early American regulators, Ephraim Brasher is likely one of the most instantly recognizable names in all of American numismatics. Brasher belonged to an important class of silver- and goldsmiths in the colonies who were relied upon by merchants and regular colonists alike to make sense. Brasher is of further note to history as George Washington's next-door neighbor in New York - Washington's residence being at 3 Cherry Street and Brasher's at 1 Cherry Street. Brasher created his most famous numismatic issue, the New York-style Brasher doubloon, sometime in 1787. Although the weight and fineness of the coin are virtually identical to the Lima doubloon, the design was totally different. Recently, a Brasher Doubloon sold in January 2021 at a public auction for $9.36 million, a world record for an Ephraim Brasher doubloon sold in a public auction.

Incredibly rare. One of the single most important numismatic rarities in US coins, and one of the most important coins of all world numismatics. We’ve only been able to confirm 3 total guineas with the Ephram brasher counter stamp ever sold at public auction. Hard Asset Management recently acquired this third one. The stamp on this piece, though lightly doubled in the B, shows the bottom loop of the B protruding past the upper loop. We believe this is the most important of the three coins sold, because of its double stamp of the B.

This is a remarkable relic of the United States' early history, and a coveted opportunity among most collectors to obtain a Brasher-regulated coin in lieu of his prohibitively expensive Brasher Dubloons, which sell for millions of dollars each.

This is an incredible opportunity for anybody to secure their place in numismatic history.

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