1764 Silver Proof Pattern Shilling George III NGC PR62

$11,880.00 USD

KM-Pn44, cf. S-3742 (Extremely Rare), ESC-2164 (prev. ESC-1238).Plain edge. One of the single most exquisite fractional Patterns produced during George III's reign, proving remarkably emblematic of the so-called "Northumberland" Shillings of the previous year. Owing to some degree of ambiguity in the engraving of the King's portrait which seems to carry stylistic elements both of Tanner's Pattern 5 Guineas of 1768 and 1770, together with Yeo's 1765 Pattern Guinea, the issue has historically been described as indeterminate between the two artists. We have chosen to use the most recent attribution of English Silver Coinage, which ascribes the issue to Yeo. Regardless of whose product the design is, It is undeniable that it contains an unrivaled eye appeal--accentuated here by metallic blue tones and sleek pondlike reflectivity. Despite its seemingly conservatively rarity rating in earlier editions of ESC, R2, the coin has proven extremely elusive so fine.

This is an incredible opportunity for anybody to secure their place in numismatic history.

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Ex. Harrington E. Manville Collection (Spink Auction 140, November 1999, Lot 679); Spink Numismatic Circular (January 1971, Item no. 598) From the Abbeygate Collection