1734 Gold Oncia, Sicily NGC AU 58

$2,633.00 USD

The Gold Oncia was a significant coin in the Italian States, particularly in Sicily, during the 18th century. It was a period marked by the rule of the Spanish Bourbons in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, with Carlo III (Charles III) as the King of Spain and Sicily from 1734 to 1759.

The obverse of the 1734 Gold Oncia features a laureate head right of Carlo III, with the value 'VNCIA' inscribed below. The obverse legend reads "CAROL. III. - D. G. SIC. REX." which translates to "Charles III, by the grace of God, King of Sicily." The reverse of the coin depicts a phoenix rising from flames, with rays streaming from above, symbolizing rebirth and renewal. The reverse legend "RESVRGIT" means "It rises again," likely referring to the resurgence of Sicily under Carlo's rule.