1731 Oliver Cromwell Bronze Medal NGC MS 61 BN

$1,316.00 USD

### Great Britain Oliver Cromwell Bronze Medal NGC MS 61 BN

The Great Britain Oliver Cromwell Bronze Medal, graded NGC MS 61 BN, commemorates one of England's most influential historical figures, Oliver Cromwell, who played a crucial role during the English Civil War and later became Lord Protector. This medal was struck to honor his legacy and leadership during a tumultuous period in British history.

The obverse of the medal features a detailed portrait of Oliver Cromwell, facing right, with an inscription around the edge. The artistry captures Cromwell's stern and determined expression, reflecting his role as a military and political leader. The inscription typically includes his name and titles, emphasizing his significance in British history.

The reverse showcases a symbolic design often associated with Cromwell's achievements or the period of the Commonwealth of England. This may include motifs such as laurel wreaths, shields, or allegorical figures representing victory and governance. The intricate design and inscriptions provide historical context, celebrating Cromwell's contributions to the nation.

This bronze medal serves as a valuable historical artifact, offering insight into the era of Cromwell's leadership. Its preservation and grading by NGC as MS 61 BN indicate its well-maintained condition and highlight its significance for collectors and historians alike.