1728 George II Gold Proof 1/2 Guinea NGC PR66 Cameo

$55,200.00 USD

KM565.1, S-3681, W&R-75 (R4). Plain edge. By John Croker. An incredible and extravagant rarity in this entirely unbelievable and unmatched certification. One that by all indications could very nearly have come off of the minting presses today. Endowed with an unmistakable flash and punctuated by die polish lines throughout the fields and especially around the legends, the surfaces are simply wells of watery mirror-like reflectivity--even from a distance the effect is gorgeous--while an unusually prevalent sheen of mint frost is situated over the raised elements, producing a distinctive cameo contrast. Stemming from a period in British history when modern politics can more or less be said to have been beginning to take form, this coin could easily be seen as a memento of that age, its absolute rarity is underestimated we feel by Wilson and Rasmussen's R4 rating. This coin stands among the finest known early proof minted British Coinage. Clearly far finer than the Wilson and Rasmussen plate coin, or the Terner (MS63) or Pittman (PR64 Cameo) specimens. One of the rarest and finest known early proofs ever struck. Extremely Rare.