1658 Cromwell Silver Half Crown PCGS XF 40

$5,333.00 USD

The Great Britain Cromwell Silver Half Crown, graded PCGS XF 40, is a significant numismatic piece from the Commonwealth period under Oliver Cromwell's leadership. Minted between 1656 and 1658, this coin reflects the transitional phase in British history following the upheaval of the English Civil War and the establishment of the Commonwealth.

The obverse of the coin displays a left-facing bust of Oliver Cromwell, adorned with a laurel wreath, signifying his role as Lord Protector. The surrounding inscription reads "OLIVAR D G R P ANG SCO HIB &c PRO," which translates to "Oliver, by the Grace of God, Protector of the Republic of England, Scotland, Ireland, etc."

On the reverse side, the coin features a crowned shield with the cross of St. George representing England and an Irish harp. The inscription "PAX QUAERITUR BELLO" encircles the shield, meaning "Peace is sought through war." This motto reflects Cromwell's belief in achieving and maintaining peace through military strength.

The Cromwell Silver Half Crown in XF 40 condition is a prized collector's item, offering a tangible connection to a pivotal era in British history. Its historical significance and relatively well-preserved state make it a valuable addition to any numismatic collection.