1648 Gold Louis D'OR Louis XIV PCGS AU 58

$6,683.00 USD

The Louis D'OR under Louis XIV symbolized the power and stability of France during the Bourbon monarchy. It was a significant effort to standardize the gold coinage and reduce the reliance on Spanish pistoles. 

The obverse of the Louis D'OR features a portrait of Louis XIV. Depending on the year, the design might include a laureate head of the king facing right, with inscriptions that may read something like "LVD · XIIII · D · G FR · ET · NAV · REX," which translates to "Louis XIV, by the grace of God, King of France and Navarre".

The reverse often displays the crowned French Coat of Arms, with various designs across different issues. Some coins might show crowned monograms or the Hand of Justice and sceptre cross at the center.