1644A France 1L'OR NGC MS61

$8,240.00 USD

The Louis d'Or is a gold coin that was first introduced by King Louis XIII of France in 1640 and continued to be minted under successive kings. The year 1644 falls within the reign of Louis XIV, known as the Sun King, who began his rule in 1643 at the age of five after the death of his father, Louis XIII. Louis XIV's reign is noted for the establishment of absolute monarchy and the flourishing of French culture and finance.

The obverse of the Louis d'Or features the portrait of the reigning king. For coins from 1644, this is a young Louis XIV, depicted with a laureate bust right. The inscription around the portrait includes the king's name and his titles.

The reverse side displays the crowned arms of France, which includes the royal coat of arms, a shield with three fleur-de-lis, and the symbol of the French monarchy.