1610 Gold 2 Escudos NGC MS67

$312,500.00 USD

Only 2 Coins are Known to Exist at all for this Date in ANY grade!

The Spanish Empire once spanned the entire globe and its influence in culture and language is still felt to this day. The Gold 2 Escudo was a significant denomination produced by the Empire and few people but the very rich would have ever been able to hold onto one at all.

The miracle of this coin is that it has managed to maintain its near-perfect condition in MS67 for the last 413 years since it was struck. This is a feat known by no other Spanish gold coin of this era except for one 4 Escudo we also have the privilege of owning.

Its significance in world trade can be understood in the context of the role played by gold coins as a medium of exchange and a store of value during the era of global trade dominated by the Spanish Empire.

Gold Standard of the Spanish Empire: During the 16th and 17th centuries, the Spanish Empire was one of the world's dominant economic and colonial powers. It possessed vast territories in the Americas, which were abundant sources of precious metals, especially gold and silver. Gold and silver coins were minted in large quantities and became widely recognized and accepted as a reliable medium of exchange.
Facilitating Trade within the Spanish Empire: Played a crucial role in facilitating trade within the extensive territories of the Spanish Empire. It was used for conducting large-scale transactions, both within Spain and its colonies, enabling the flow of goods, resources, and wealth across the empire.
Contribution to the Manila Galleon Trade: The Manila Galleon Trade, was a major maritime route connecting Manila (in the Philippines) with Acapulco (in Mexico) and beyond. The trade was heavily based on precious metals, particularly silver, that were shipped from the Americas to Asia. Gold coins, including the Spanish 2 Escudo, were also part of this trade, representing a valuable commodity for Asian markets.
Global Acceptance and Trade Influence: The Spanish Empire's vast wealth and extensive trade networks ensured that its gold coins, were recognized and accepted in various parts of the world. Traders, merchants, and explorers from different countries encountered and used these coins in international commerce, further solidifying their significance in world trade.
Impact on Economic Stability: The use of gold coins as a standard currency in world trade contributed to economic stability during this period. Gold, being a relatively stable and universally valued commodity, helped provide confidence in trade transactions and acted as a hedge against currency fluctuations and inflation.
Legacy and Cultural Impact: coins minted by the Spanish Empire have left a lasting cultural impact and have become iconic symbols of the Age of Exploration and the era of global trade that followed. They are often depicted in literature, movies, and popular culture as representations of treasure and wealth.
The Spanish 2 Escudo was a significant gold coin that played a crucial role in facilitating trade within the Spanish Empire and beyond during the 16th and 17th centuries. Its use as a medium of exchange and its association with the vast wealth of the Spanish Empire contributed to its significance in world trade and its enduring cultural legacy.

In any grade, these coins have been appreciating considerably over the years. The 2 Escudos from this period of time are substantially larger than those produced during the 1700’s and beyond, so the fact this MS67 exists at all once again is nothing short of a miracle. An MS67 is just simply unheard of and in any auction setting we believe these would sell for atmospheric numbers the way the world coin market has gone lately.

This museum quality example knows no equal. We’re sure the finest institutions in Spain and across the World would be thrilled to add this to their collections, and the fact it is even available to own privately is sensational. A phenomenal world-class opportunity.