1600-02 Gold Noble NGC MS 61

$16,875.00 USD


The early 17th century was a period of immense growth and wealth for the Dutch Republic, driven largely by its prowess in global trade and naval power. The Gold Noble, also known as "Gouden Nobel," was a prominent coin during this time, facilitating both domestic and international trade. It symbolizes the economic strength and independence of the Dutch Republic, particularly during its struggle for independence from Spanish rule.

Obverse Details

The obverse of the Gold Noble typically features a detailed depiction of a ship, symbolizing the maritime strength of the Dutch. The ship is often adorned with flags and other nautical details, signifying the importance of seafaring to the Dutch economy. Surrounding the ship are inscriptions in Latin or Dutch, often including phrases that highlight the republic's commitment to trade and liberty.

Reverse Details

The reverse of the coin usually showcases a shield bearing the coat of arms of the issuing province or city within the Dutch Republic. This shield is often accompanied by elaborate decorations and additional inscriptions that denote the coin's origin and value. The design elements on this side of the coin emphasize the regional pride and the federated structure of the Dutch Republic.