1583-91 Netherland Noble NGC MS62

$7,900.00 USD

The 1583-91 Netherland Noble from Gorinchem, graded NGC MS62, is a remarkable artifact from a pivotal period in Dutch history. This coin encapsulates the economic and political shifts that were taking place during the Eighty Years' War, a time when the Dutch provinces were fighting for independence from Spanish rule.

The obverse of the coin features a portrait of a king, which in this case is an imitation of the gold Ryal (Rose Noble) coinage of Edward IV. The design is noted for being rather crude in its production but still displays ample residual detail. The portrait of the imitative king is quite strong for the type, despite some instances of damage or imperfections that may be present on the coin

Reverse: The reverse design showcases a rose atop a radiant sun, which is a characteristic feature of the Rose Noble coins. Surrounding the central rose are crowns and leopards, which are emblematic of the heraldry of the time. The reverse also reflects the craftsmanship of the period and the region's minting practices